Thursday, May 9, 2013

Loneliness, Aloneness, or Solitude

"Many people cannot distinguish between loneliness, aloneness, and solitude, confusing them all as being detrimental to the human spirit.  Solitude, however, is an aloneness that is, or can be creative.  Solitude brings self-discovery.  It allows the mind to untangle itself.  Solitude is to let the mind and emotions drain away, free from the demands of others.  Solitude is not loneliness and need not be a crippler.  It need not lead to despair.  The secret of having times of solitude is in understanding that this is not a process for ill but an opportunity for God to show Himself as perhaps He cannot do when the landscape becomes too crowded."[1]

[1] Carol Kaptains notes for singles only NTM conference 2006

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