Monday, February 4, 2013

Herrnhut, Moravians, and Surrendering All

Around 1720 in Germany there was a man by the name of Count Zinzendorf. He opened his land to persecuted Moravian believers encouraging them to settle and build a community. They did. There were difficult times at first, but God began to move in their midst. They eventually started a prayer meeting that last 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 125 years. From these prayers came results described in these words.

"The sending out of hundreds of Christian missionaries to many parts of the world including the Caribbean, North and South America, the Arctic, Africa, and the Far East.  The Moravian missionaries were the first large scale Protestant missionary movement. They were also the first to send unordained "lay" people rather than trained professional clergymen. They were the first to go to the slaves, and the first in many countries of the world. Among the first Moravian missionaries were a potter named Leonard Dober and a carpenter named David Nitschmann who went to the Caribbean island of St Thomas in 1732. They sold themselves into slavery in order to reach the slaves there." (

They sold themselves as slaves. A literal dying to self. Surrendering all rights for the rest of their lives so that by all means they might save some.

To those who are single consider living a life that is completely surrendered for the cause of Christ. There are some doors that are only open to those who are single and willing to go. Be one of the few who can and will go where most cannot or will not.

May your words ring true with those of Isaiah, "Here I am, send me." And let God write the end of your story.

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