Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Divine Orchestrator

In the life of Joseph, Joseph orchestrated nothing. Through his dreams as a young man we can see that God is the one who had made the plan for His life. Troubles seemed to plague his young adult life, but Joseph honored God in the present, day at a time, with no idea what the future held. Scripture tells us multiple times that "God was with him." Where? in the slavery? in the false accusations of attempted rape? in the prison? in being forgotten by the cupbearer from the palace? Yes, in it all. It must have been difficult to see it at times in the ordinary, day-to-day events, but God was working His plan to perfection. In the end it was all clear. God had been preparing Joseph for the task of leadership all of his life.

So here is the question. If we are wanting to walk with God and be and do all we were created to be and do, then what part do we play in that process? I am sure there is a more complete answer but one foundational truth that we see in the story of Joseph is this, "walk honorably today and trust that God is orchestrating your tomorrows."

Receive whatever is happening in your life today as an opportunity. God is love. He works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Joy. Sadness. Success. Failure. Intimacy or Loneliness. Peace or confusion. Don't waste a thing. The Potter is just shaping you for His divine purposes. As it's been said before, "God is preparing your character to match your assignment."

Trust the Divine Orchestrator who has known the days of your life before the world began.

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