Monday, June 20, 2011

The Finisher of Stories

            We all have stories. Some of our stories include forgiveness, peace, joy, and hope while others of our stories include mistakes, pain, addiction, and regret. All of us have parts of our stories that we wish we could go back and change, but we can’t. Thankfully we serve a God who is a Finisher of Stories.

            As we look at the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis we see how his story begins. He is betrayed and sold into slavery by his brothers. Even in these difficult times God is with him. As a slave God blesses his efforts. He is eventually thrown into prison after being falsely accused of dealing inappropriately with his master’s wife. Through these undeserved struggles his character is grown to match his calling and God continues to bless his efforts. Eventually,  with God’s help, he fulfills the purpose that God had always intended for him.
            In our lives are we willing to do the same? Even if our lives seem to be enveloped by needless struggles will we choose to obey God as Joseph did and trust God with the outcome?
Do you need God to break into your "story" and to write a new chapter or set a new direction? Do you have habitual sins that enslave you, worries that haunt you, fears that paralyze you? The deceiver tells us this is the way it will always be, but God can change all of that. Will we place our lives in the hands of God allowing Him to rewrite the scripts of our lives? Will we obey during the difficult times and trust him with the results? Today will we surrender our present and our future to the God who is truly the Finisher of Stories?

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